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January 6th, 2016 3 mind traps that destroy your dream

3 Mind Traps That Destroy Your Dreams
(and what to do about them)


In the process of helping hundreds of thousands of people to create lives they love living, I’ve discovered 3 hidden “mind traps” that frequently prevent people from turning their dreams into reality.

These traps exist because your subconscious mind is attached to the status quo. It knows how to handle your current life, and it fears the unknown. So it tries to “protect” you by keeping things safe and familiar, even if that means stopping you from creating the life you desire.

In this blog post, I’m going to reveal the three main strategies your subconscious uses to prevent your life from changing. If you have a dream that you want to fulfill in 2016, it’s important that you know how to overcome…

Mind Trap #1: Distraction

Almost everyone who’s ever had a goal or dream has experienced this.

They’re about to make progress… and then they remember that the laundry needs to be done, or their desk needs to be organized, or they had another project they’d been thinking about starting.

The next thing they know, they’ve squandered the time they were going to spend on their dreams, and they feel discouraged, guilty and frustrated.

How do you overcome this challenge?

Here’s a 4-step formula you can use to escape the trap of distraction:

  1. Make a list of small, specific actions that will move you closer to the life you desire.
  2. Put these actions in your calendar, one for each day, and set aside a specific chunk of time for each one. For example, you could say “I’ll call 15 potential clients between 2:00 and 2:45 on Monday”.
  3. Commit to spending the assigned chunk of time on the activity you scheduled, and ONLY on that activity. If another chore pops into your head, make a note to complete that chore later, then return immediately to the action step that builds your dreams.
  4. If an emergency comes up that prevents you from doing your calendared activity, schedule the activity into the next available time in your calendar.

By using your calendar as a sacred tool to keep you on track toward your dreams, you can reach the end of each day with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve moved a step closer to living a life you love.

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Mind Trap #2: Dissuasion

The second strategy your subconscious uses is dissuasion.

You may have thoughts like, “If I get rich, have lots of free time, or become fit and healthy, my friends will be jealous and won’t like me anymore. Maybe it isn’t worth it.”

Or, “If my business grows, I’ll have more work than I can handle. Maybe it’s better to keep things the way they are.”

Your old fears and doubts will do everything they can to convince you that the status quo is better, and that you don’t really WANT to create the life you desire after all.

How do you overcome this challenge?

To counter your instinctive fear of change, it’s important to have a dream that’s bigger than your doubts.

The most effective dreams are the ones that are vividly detailed.

  1. How many dollars will you be making per month in your ideal life? How many hours of free time will you have each day?
  2. What is your ideal weight, and how do you want your body to look and feel?
  3. What kind of house will you live in, what luxuries will you be able to afford, and what causes will you support?
  4. What kind of relationships do you want to have, and what will you experience in those relationships?

When your dream is clear and detailed, it becomes less of a frightening unknown, and more of a joy that you look forward to experiencing. It also provides the hope and incentive you need to push past your doubts, and the assurance that your new life will be better than the one you’re living now.

Another useful tactic is to write a list of all your past “wins”, and write down each success you experience when it happens. This evidence of past success will encourage you during the times when you feel like you aren’t making any progress, and when your fears tempt you to just give up.

At the end of this blog post, you’ll receive a gift that includes additional techniques for overcoming your doubts and fears. But for now, let’s explore the third Mind Trap:

Mind Trap #3: DEFCON 1

Once you’ve overcome Distraction and Dissuasion, your subconscious’ next strategy is DEFCON 1. DEFCON is a United States military term that stands for “Defense Readiness Condition” and number 1 is the highest state of alertness.

When you’re in a state of DEFCON 1, your mind bypasses your rational intellect and goes straight into fight-or-flight. You might begin to feel panicked and jittery, without even knowing why.

In this stage, most people either stop and turn back from their dreams, or keep on trying to push through, only to find that their efforts are less effective because they’re hindered by fear.

How do you overcome this challenge?

Few people, if any, are able to move past this stage and reach their dreams by themselves.

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself by like-minded peers and mentors who believe in you and your dreams, and who can help you to calm down, regain a clear perspective, and create the confidence, hope and optimism you need to realize your dreams.

What other “mind traps” can prevent you from reaching your dreams?

While Distraction, Dissuasion and DEFCON 1 are the most common traps I’ve seen, there are others that can subtly sabotage your dreams.

  1. There’s the fear that you don’t deserve the life you desire, or that you won’t know how to handle it once you’ve created it.
  2. There’s the belief that success is greedy and wrong, and that for you to succeed, others have to suffer.

Your fears and doubts are infinitely creative when it comes to protecting the status quo. But thankfully, the power that lives inside you is greater than any obstacle your mind or life can offer you!

You Can Design a Life You Love

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January 5th, 2016 3 secret reasons people procrastinate

3 Secret Reasons People Procrastinate on Their Dreams


Many people procrastinate on their dreams, without fully knowing why.

They’re about to take a step toward reaching a goal and creating a life they love… and suddenly a day, a week, or a month has gone by, and little or nothing has changed!

If this has happened to you, it probably isn’t your fault… but there IS something you can do TODAY to break that pattern forever.

In this blog post, I’m going to reveal three little-known reasons why people procrastinate on their dreams, as well as how to escape those procrastination traps, so you can build a life you LOVE in 2016.

Reason #1: Your goals lack the special ingredients that inspire and motivate you

Many goals feel inspiring when they’re first created. But as time goes by, the sparkle fades, and they just don’t create the same motivation they used to.


Because they lack these 3 ingredients that every goal needs:

1. Specificity
“I’m going to start a business” and “I’m going to lose weight” are good concepts, but they’re too vague for your emotions and the Law of Attraction to latch onto, and they aren’t specific enough to guide you in forming an actionable plan.

Because of this, they cause people to feel directionless and overwhelmed, and to procrastinate because they don’t know which actions to take and when to take them.

That’s why it’s important to choose specific amounts, actions and timeframes when making your goals. “I’m going to lose 30 pounds by April 30”, and “I’m going to create a website and start an online life coaching business by the end of January” are examples of more specific goals.

When you know exactly what you want to accomplish and when, you’re better equipped to determine which actions you need to take and when you need to take them in order to reach your goal.

2. Details
While specificity in your overall goals will guide your actions, it’s the details that help you to stay motivated.

What will you FEEL like when you lose those 30 pounds? How will your daily life be different when you’re light, healthy, energetic, strong, and able to fit in your favorite clothes and partake in all the activities for which you used to be too tired?

How many lives are you going to change through your coaching? How much money do you want to make, and how much free time do you want to have? Where will you live? What will your daily life look like?

When you include details like this in your vision for your future, you’re more motivated because there’s a clear and tantalizing reward waiting for you, instead of a vague hope that things will be better someday.

3. Alignment with your REAL desires and dreams
Too often, people create their goals based on what they THINK they can have, not on what they’d truly LOVE. But goals like that won’t motivate you, because they aren’t what you really desire.

If you want to create a life you love, and to feel inspired to work toward your goal, you have to choose goals that are truly aligned with the life you want to live.

So instead of asking yourself “What can I have?”, ask yourself: “What would I love?”

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Reason #2: Their subconscious minds are resisting their dreams

When people have created a specific, detailed goal that’s aligned with their dreams, they often encounter a second obstacle:

Their subconscious minds resist their dreams, because being poor, unhealthy, alone, busy or unfulfilled is part of their self-image, and the idea of being healthy, loved, relaxed and successful feels alien to them.

As a result, they either procrastinate on taking actions that would create this new and unfamiliar reality, or they change their lives, only to quickly revert back to the familiar status quo.

Before your dream can become your external reality, you have to help your subconscious to become accustomed to your new and better life. I’ve found that the best way to do that is to vividly imagine myself living my dreams, as if they were already my tangible day-to-day reality.

When I started doing this, I began to see myself as a person who was successful, loved, healthy, happy and making a difference in the world. My subconscious began to cooperate with me instead of resisting me, and the temptation to procrastinate started melting away.

Reason #3: The time isn’t “right”


Another common source of procrastination is the belief that the time isn’t right – that you need to wait until you have more money, time or skills, or until the perfect opportunity appears.

But while you’re waiting for the resources and opportunities for your dream to appear, they’re also waiting for you to bring them into being!

There will never be a “perfect time” to start building a life you love. The only time you have is now, and the way to create the time, money, skills and connections you need is to do what you can with what you have, starting today.

Here’s a step you can take TODAY to make your dream life happen in 2016:

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