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Launch Dates: July 13th - July 27th, 2020

5 Reasons Why Promoting This Launch Makes You a Smart Marketer

1 1. Many of our affiliates average a $2+ EPC.

This will be the 8th affiliate launch we’ve done for the DreamBuilder Program. This isn’t our first rodeo!

All parts of this funnel have been rigorously tested – including with over $500,000 in paid traffic – to ensure it delivers the best quality experience for your leads, and the absolute highest commissions for YOU.

2 2. Your subscriber base will LOVE you for sharing this free, life-transforming content with them.

You’ll have a wide array of free content pieces to mail to throughout the launch, including: a quiz, an ebook, a four-part Product Launch Formula video series, and a LIVE VideoCast with Mary and several of the top names in personal development!

3 3. You’ll earn a 50% commission on all sales you refer… plus a chance to take home $50,000+ in prizes!

Mary’s highly-acclaimed DreamBuilder Program sells for $497. You’ll receive a 50% commission on all sales you refer, including upsells. Plus, you can win over $50,000 in prizes in our various launch contests!

4 4. Our excellent customer support team will take incredible care of the people you send our way.

Our dedicated customer support team will be standing by to answer questions and support your leads in saying “YES!” to investing in the DreamBuilder Program. We’ve been told by several of our partners that our highly-trained support team is one of the best (if not, THE best) in the industry!

5 5. The DreamBuilder Program launch only happens ONCE A YEAR.

Don’t miss out on your ONLY opportunity to share this unique, life-enhancing content with your list, and earn MASSIVE commission! Add the DreamBuilder Program launch dates to your mailing calendar today!

Join the Top Names in Personal Development (You’ll Be In Extraordinary Company!)

The top affiliates in the personal development space say “YES” to promoting the DreamBuilder Program launch year after year, because their lists LOVE the content… and they love the BIG commissions!

  • Tickets PLUS, as a HIGH-VALUE bonus for signing up for the DreamBuilder Program, your contacts will also receive TWO tickets to Mary’s DreamBuilder LIVE event valued at $1,197 each!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Mary Morrissey?

Mary Morrissey is widely considered the world’s foremost expert on “dream building,” which is the art and science of transforming dreams into reality. Mary has invested the last 40+ years into studying the invisible side of success. She’s the author of two bestselling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, which became a PBS special. She has also been featured in the popular documentary films, The Moses Code and Beyond The Secret. Together with the Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Foundations, Mary has addressed the United Nations three times, and was invited to co-convene three different week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. She also met with President Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, South Africa to address some of the most significant issues our world faces. Mary also recently spoke on the TEDx stage, and to a packed house at the celebrated Carnegie Hall in New York City. Through her books, live events and programs, Mary has empowered millions of people worldwide to achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness, prosperity and authentic success.

What is the DreamBuilder® Program?

The DreamBuilder® Program is a 12-week online program that guides the people you refer through how to align with the invisible laws of success, so that they can transform any dream into reality with unprecedented ease and speed. Customers access the program through a beautifully-designed online membership site. Each week, they receive access to a 60+ minute audio lesson, plus additional PDF downloads that support them in applying the principles of the program directly to their life. Six LIVE one-hour group coaching calls are also included with the program. For more details on the DreamBuilder Program, including the thousands of dollars in bonus gifts that come with the program, please click here.

Does the DreamBuilder® Program come with a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! The program is backed by our 365-day satisfaction guarantee. If the customers you refer feel dissatisfied with the program for any reason, they have one full year to let us know, and we’ll promptly refund their money with no hassle and no questions asked. Our hassle-free, 365-day satisfaction guarantee is mentioned heavily throughout our funnel to encourage as many of your leads to convert into customers as possible!

Do you pay second tier commissions for affiliates I refer to this launch?

Yes! When you sign up as a Mary Morrissey affiliate, you’ll receive a second tier link and an email swipe you can use to promote this launch to your affiliates. You’ll receive a 10% commission on all sales any affiliates you refer generate.

What Others Are Saying About
Mary’s Work in the World...

“Mary Morrissey stands out in a category all of her own. She has a depth of knowledge that is unparalleled, and she is, without question, one of the best teachers I have ever met in my entire life. This woman has something special!” ~Bob Proctor, star of the hit film, The Secret

“Mary Morrissey has been one of my most important friends and teachers. She has a laser-beam ability to recognize and articulate the emergent possibility in someone’s life, then take their hand and show them how to make it real. To be exposed to her wisdom is to be exposed to a mighty power.” ~Marianne Williamson, #1 bestselling author of A Return to Love

“Mary is one of our most powerful and enlightened teachers. Breathe in her wisdom.” ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, #1 bestselling author of Manifest Your Destiny

“Mary has this beautiful program, The DreamBuilder Program, and it’s all about building your greatest life and making it happen in 12 weeks. It’s a 12-week course, holding your hand.... This might actually be the one thing that takes your life to the next level, to the life of your dreams.” ~Sonia Ricotti, #1 bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down

“Mary Morrissey altered the path of my life by giving me back to myself, when I couldn’t believe there was anything good about me... She restored me to myself by seeing me as who I really am. If there was a single person that I’ve known personally in my life, in who I would place the highest faith, it would be Mary Morrissey.” ~Neale Donald Walsch, #1 bestselling author of Conversations with God

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To get all the details on what will be required of you as a DreamBuilder affiliate, click here to read the affiliate agreement.

Thanks again for helping us spread the word about this amazing, transformational webinar and course.
We look forward to working with you!

Here’s to YOUR success!

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With a catalog of world-class programs, over 200,000 happy customers worldwide and a subscriber base that’s growing at an exponential rate, we are constantly on the lookout for high-value programs to share with our community.

If you have a life-transforming personal development program you think may be a fit for our subscriber base, we’d love to hear more about it!

But first, please be sure that your program meets the following six criteria:

1. Your program is personal development-based, and does not directly compete with our own programs.

Our subscriber base loves programs on the topics of how to overcome limiting beliefs, how to tune into your intuition, how to amplify your abundance, how to meditate, and so on.

We do not promote “how-to” Internet marketing or business-building programs, as our subscriber base does not respond well to this type of content.

Other programs we are unable to promote for non-compete reasons include: design a life you love programs, transforming dreams into reality programs, mastering the invisible side of success/universal laws of success programs, and life coaching certification programs.

2. You pay an affiliate commission of 50% or more.

You offer a minimum 50% commission on main program sales, and on any additional upsells and downsells that are included in your immediate sales funnel. You pay your affiliate commissions in full, and on time.

3. Your sales funnel has been tested with affiliate traffic, and generates an average affiliate EPC (earnings per click) of $1 or more.

For example: If we promoted your program to our email list, and 5,000 of our subscribers clicked on the affiliate link inside the email to find out more about it, we’d earn at least $5,000 in affiliate commission.

4. You have a solid and accurate affiliate tracking system.

You can provide our JV Manager with logins to an affiliate portal, such as InfusionSoft, where we can accurately track our results from our promotion of your program.

5. You are willing to promote one of our proven, tested programs to your subscriber base FIRST.

The people you send our promotion to must be a mix of warm prospects (subscribers who have opened your emails within the last six months) and customers who have bought from you. No Facebook traffic or cold traffic.

Please note that a reciprocal promotion is NOT guaranteed.

6. You place extremely high value on providing extraordinary customer service.

You respond to emails and other messages from your subscribers and customers, addressing any questions or concerns they may have, on a daily basis. You also respond to and honor requests for customer refunds in a timely manner.

If your offer meets these six criteria, we’d love to hear more about it! Please reach out to