February 27th, 2015 The DreamBuilder Webinar Email Swipe Copy

The DreamBuilder Webinar Email Swipe Copy

Thank You for being part of our remarkable affiliate team and participating in the upcoming DreamBuilder Webinar campaign. I’m thrilled, that together we will help people live freer, fuller, happier lives where dreams really do come true.

Above you will find swipe copy for The DreamBuilder Webinar, Encore, Replay and LiveCast. You can copy and paste this content into any email. I’ve also included social media posts for Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll need to personalize these with your own custom link, name and contact information or use these as inspiration and compose your own messages.

To login to our affiliate center to get your unique link and check your stats: CLICK HERE

If you’d like us to send you your affiliate links for the upcoming DreamBuilder Webinar campaign please contact Kristen at jv@marymorrissey.com.

Here’s to Partnering Together to Help Others Live Their Dreams,


Launch Details and Best Mailing Dates:

Below are the best mailing dates for the launch:

  • The Webinars are being held Nov 5th and 6th.
  • Email 1 – Thursday Oct 30th (Webinar Announcement)
  • Email 2 – Monday Nov 3rd (Webinar in 48 hours)
  • Email 3 – Tuesday Nov 4th (Webinar Tomorrow)
  • Email 4 – Friday Nov 7th (Encore Tomorrow)
  • Email 5 – Wednesday Nov 12 (Video Cast announcement – VideoCast happening Sat Nov 15th)
  • Email 6 – Wednesday Nov 19th (Bonuses Expire this Week)
  • Email 7 – Friday Nov 21st (Bonuses Expire Today)


WEBINAR / ENCORE / VIDEOCAST / BONUSES ENDING DATES (These are the dates the webinars, encore, videocast will go live, and the date the bonuses will be expiring.)

  • Webinar Option 1 – Wed Nov 5th (9am, 2pm, 6pm PT)
  • Webinar Option 2 – Thursday Nov 6th (9am, 2pm, 6pm PT)
  • Encore of Webinar – Saturday Nov 8th (10am and 6pm)
  • Replay of Webinar – Running from Sun Nov 11th – Sunday Nov 16th
  • VideoCast – Airing Saturday Nov 15th (9am – 1pm PT)
  • Bonuses Close – Friday Nov 21st